Save your staff and educators' time with custom automations

Keep everyone on the same page with tailored tools for business teams and classrooms alike. Become a data-driven organization right now.

Automate manual tasks and make work flow across systems

Turn your data into actionable insights

Get visibility into any process and stay informed on key metrics with custom dashboards and admin apps. Analyze data such as admissions and test scores much faster than spreadsheets.

Digitize any evalution in minutes

Create interactive tests and exams with out-of-box, branded UI and a correction workflow. Integrate to any of your favorite services or manage it all inside Abstra.

Automatic document exports and email dispatch

Eradicate business risks of doing everything manually. Guarantee your data quality and save time by automating document and report creation and emailing in batches.

Easy-to-build student portals

Skip back and forth emailing with students and stakeholders by creating customer-facing portals. Allow them to access their info, export grades, review payments and much more.

Connect to any data source, service or system

How it works

VS Code Extension

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Get started

$ pip install abstra

$ abstra editor my-project