Custom backoffice tools for your team

From onboarding flows to automated report generation, easily build custom processes that speed up and safeguard operations.

Automate manual tasks and make work flow across systems

Streamline your invoicing

Skip error-prone, repetitive work by creating automated tasks. Combine dynamic forms and workflows to streamline information gathering, reminders and transactions.

Build smart, custom onboarding

Be that for customer-facing or internal processes, make sure your onboarding has the perfect fit. Integrate to your favorite services or manage it all inside Abstra.

Create admin panels in minutes

Create custom admin apps for any database. Unify data sources and easily edit vital information. As your operation scales, quickly update your interface to match new processes.

Secure reconciliation workflows

Eradicate spreadsheets and manual input risks. Save time and guarantee your data quality and transparency by automating your reconciliation workflow.

Connect to any data source, service or system

How it works

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Get started

$ pip install abstra

$ abstra editor my-project