Build custom workflows for finance teams

From budget to payment tracking and reconciliation, create scalable processes that securely integrate data company-wide.

Automate and scale operations with Python + AI

Automate financial reporting

Generate detailed financial reports automatically by integrating data from multiple sources, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy for decision-making.

Streamline invoice processing

Automate the entire invoicing process from generation to payment tracking, helping finance teams reduce errors, improve compliance, and accelerate payment cycles.

Manage budget approvals efficiently

Create automated workflows for budget approval processes that route requests through multiple approvers, offering real-time visibility into the status of each request.

Improve expense management

Build custom expense management workflows that validate, approve, and reconcile expenses efficiently, integrating with your existing accounting systems for seamless processing.

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Mario Nasser

Head of FP&A
at Jusbrasil

"Abstra has significantly streamlined our team's manual tasks, automating various workflows that previously required hands-on effort.

It saves us valuable time, minimizes the risk of human error and enables us to deploy new features and updates more rapidly, delivering better service to our team."

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