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How to create a credit approval workflow

Receive and process credit requests, with automated and manual reviews and integrations to Slack and Sendrid.

How to add Hotjar to your Smart Forms

Easily integrate with Hotjar using our execute_js function

When not Calendly
Calendly logoCalendly logo

Create calendar links with source tracking, dynamic hosting and more

How to use Reactive

Create dynamic forms with Pages and widgets that respond to user input.

How to use Page Actions

A quick tutorial that builds a Smart Form with multiple paths in a single screen.

When not Google Colab
Google Colab logoGoogle Colab logo

Looking for collaborative, easy scripting? Check out this comparison.

Run a Python script every time a spreadsheet is updated
Google Sheets integration logoGoogle Sheets integration logo

Two birds, one stone: the good 'old spreadsheet + all of Python's power.

When not Retool
Retool logoRetool logo

Let’s go over key comparisons between Abstra Cloud and Retool to understand each platform’s strengths.

How to send emails with your Smart Forms
Gmail logoGmail logo

aka ‘Automate your email with this nimble Python web app (feat. Sendgrid)’

How to generate documents from a spreadsheet with Python
Excel logoExcel logo

Spreadsheet → Python → A batch of personalized documents, read-to-share

When not Tkinter

An honest review at how our tool compares to the OG, built-in Python GUI framework.

Partial access to spreadsheets using Python
Excel spreadsheetsExcel spreadsheets

How to build a Smart Form that enables authenticated access to user-specific Excel info using only Python.

How to get user input using read() widgets

Get to know our comprehensive input options, from multiple choices to cards.

Automatic purchase requests based on budgets

Let’s have a look at how to create a smart purchasing tool based on information in a database.