Pay as you grow

✔ Up to 3 users
✔ One click deploy
✔ Unlimited apps
✔ Custom branding
✔ Authentication
✔ Limited audit logs
✔ 1k sessions per month
Coming soon:
✔ Git-based source control
Starting at
$50 / mo
Everything in Community, plus:
✔ Unlimited built-in audit logs to track runs and user events
✔ Access control
✔ Custom domain
✔ Live support
✔ Additional sessions, scaling with users
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Everything in Business, plus:
✔ Advanced security (eg. SSO) and compliance
✔ Dedicated infrastructure and VPC peering
✔ Expert priority support
✔ Custom connectors
✔ Custom timeout limit
✔ Build, troubleshoot, and plan with dedicated support

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Starting at $50/mo

Build for free and get a flexible usage-based pricing that scales as you grow.

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