Scale business processes with Python + AI

Go beyond basic task automation to tame entire processes, with full transparency. Get all the power of code – without the overhead.

Python-based, AI-powered workflows

Production-ready, in a fraction of the time.

Power-up coding with AI features.

Lock-in free.

Fully auditable.

Meet your Workflow's steps

Mix, match and orchestrate for custom solutions that fit your team.

Smart Forms

Create dynamic forms that support custom logic and advanced integrations

• Sleek, modern and responsive UI
• Perfectly suited for sequential processes

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Deploy & host

Share your fully-hosted workflows and UIs with the world in a click

1-click deploy to a production-ready URL.

Transparent and scalable hosting.

Back-end driven architecture.

Integrate with Git.

Access control

Securely authenticate users with SSO or SAML providers and manage permissions to any app with advanced, custom granular control.

Auditable, compliant logging

Access and export auditable logs to track events changes to code for compliance investigations.

On-prem hosting

Deploy on-premise to benefit from our fast building tools while ensuring every piece of data stays within your network.

Connect to any data source, service or system

Our Connectors make integration with databases, internal APIs or external services easy. Count on our team for custom add-ons to suit any of your processes.

Easily integrate with Tables, our native database

Create and manage PostgreSQL tables visually with our own relational database. Store and query data directly from inside your projects for easy and safe integration, all in one place.

How it works

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