Automate custom account onboarding processes

From B2B customer onboarding to partner onboarding, easily build custom workflows that ensure seamless scaling of any onboarding process.

Scale your onboarding processes with Python + AI

Streamline B2B customer onboarding workflows

Easily create and manage complex onboarding workflows, orchestrating every step, from receiving customer data to system integration, ensuring a seamless process without manual handoffs.

Automate B2B partner onboarding

Build custom workflows to guide partners through the onboarding process, from data collection to approval, reducing time and manual errors, and ensuring smooth channel partner activation.

Supercharge with AI for document processing

Harness AI capabilities to receive, interpret, and extract information from documents, streamlining the onboarding process and reducing manual data entry.

Integrate with APIs for comprehensive automation

Leverage Python to connect to existing tools, risk assessment platforms, and third-party applications effortlessly, creating integrated and efficient onboarding workflows.

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Munir Ferreira

CTO at Educbank

"Before Abstra our devs were stuck running processes because we didn’t have the time to build and deploy an entire system for Customer Success and Onboarding to use.

With Smart Forms we were able to go live 70% faster and give the team full autonomy."

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