Automate custom credit analysis processes

From credit risk analysis and scoring to KYC workflows, easily build credit analysis software that safeguards operations.

Build your credit automation platform with Python + AI

Streamline credit approval workflows

Orchestrate all steps, from receiving and verifying lead information to automated credit decisioning and contract signing, ensuring a seamless process without manual handoffs.

Integrate and organize disparate systems

Connect your existing tools and data sources with our Python-based platform, eliminating manual data transfers, reducing errors across your operations and preserving sensitive data.

Verify identity with KYC and anti-fraud workflows

Build KYC workflows with every custom step your team needs - all easily integrated to your data and external APIs. Add manual screenings to improve information quality.

Dynamic form logic with advanced validation

Create and manage complex forms with dynamic logic and advanced validation. Customize triggers for webhooks to build robust workflows that adapt to all your business scenarios.

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