How Educbank built an elaborate, easy-to-use onboarding app in 1 day


Munir Ferreira


Educbank is revolutionizing Brazil's education market, one payment at a time. The fintech assures local schools’ financial safety by covering missing tuitions and financing access to game-changing softwares and technologies.

While Educbank helps a growing number of schools every day, the same customer success team had the challenge of onboarding all these new folks, dealing with school, student and invoicing data. And the company ain't no spreadsheet-based business - since it's goal is to use technology to help schools, even internal processes involve pretty tech-y proceedings, such as integrating with core APIs.

This meant that the onboarding process always had to go through the tech team. But with rapid scaling, this was quickly becoming impossible. The customer support team had no real autonomy, and devs were wasting precious product development time executing onboarding functions.

Fearful of how this inefficiency was impacting their work, CTO Munir went looking for an internal tool builder to hand the process off fully to customer success analysts. He had a couple of must-have features:

Here's what he found:

😐 No-code tools

✅ Quick to implement, easy to use

⛔ High customization

No-code works wonders for simple logic, but when you start trying to work around it's own building limitations to create the complex logic you need… 🥴

It can turn into an even bigger headache than coding itself. And Munir had some heavy duty logic to implement.

🫥 Building a full high-code app

✅ High customization, easy to use

⛔ Quick to implement

Oh, the beautiful illusion of building everything from scratch… Allocating a team of devs on an internal tool task force is a lot to ask when engineers are busy with product.

To stop everything for 3 days and build a full system, UI, servers…

🚀 or… Abstra Cloud

✅ Quick to implement
✅ High customization
✅ Easy to use

Ding ding ding! With Abstra Cloud Munir was able to build in a single day a slick web app that receives a spreadsheet and key commands from users and runs with that to complete the automatic onboarding flow.

The Python setup allowed for every flexibility he needed in terms of logic and validation, while Abstra Cloud made creating key features a breeze - the beautiful-by-default interface and built-in authentication, for example.

The form-like interface made it as straightforward as possible for the users, ideal even for any newcomer who needs to use the application.

Munir Ferreira

"Before Abstra our devs were stuck running processes because we didn’t have the time to build and deploy an entire system for Customer Success and Onboarding to use.

With Smart Forms we were able to go live 70% faster and give the team full autonomy."

The results?

An 80% reduction of time previously spent in a manual process + the elimination of multiple lengthy interactions and validations between the customer success and tech teams for the process to work 😎

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