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How CBI uses Abstra as its all-around tool builder


Rafael Lanes

Treasury Assistant

CBI of Miami helps teachers, healthcare professionals and families to better include and treat children with behavioral issues with their world-class online education ecosystem.

With Abstra, building the internal and customer-facing tools to help them get there is easy - and much, much faster.


Launching customer-facing apps with just basic coding skills

A stellar experience for their students is mandatory at CBI. But building portals and other customer-facing applications is usually resource-intensive, requiring weeks of dev time - something the team simply couldn't spare.

With our support on call, Rafael Lanes - a Treasury Assistant and engineering student - took matters into his own hands and built a fully equipped Student Portal using our Smart Forms. In terms of tech skills, all it took was some SQL querying and basic Python.

This project redefined customer success’ workload, since now students could easily log in and access invoices, receipts, course information, edit their profiles and more - and using a pretty dang slick interface as well, if you ask us 💅🏼

Rafael Lanes
Treasury assistant

"With Abstra there's no worrying about front-end coding, I can just script and already test the app's final look in real-time."


Incrementing their ecosystem with companion tools

As their necessities grew (alongside Rafael's Python skills, driven by his use of Abstra ✨), the Student Portal was ready for some upgrades. Instead of digging into the project and reworking the already functional flow, the ideal solution was building companion Smart Forms: quick and independent.

Once again Rafael found himself able to build problem-solving tools in just a few hours, creating a connected ecosystem that could be used by different teams and clients.


Building handy standalone apps for the ops teams

After adopting Abstra as their all-around home for building, CBI kept working on smaller, standalone internal tools that were really fast to put together. These projects helped multiple teams boost productivity by automating manual tasks, or streamlining slow processes.

A great example is an authenticated Smart Form that checks for students’ defaults in the database. Instead of manually searching for the student's information and hunting down the defaults, all while on the phone, the tool delivers information fast and efficiently - oh, and in less than 40 lines of code 💯


Using Abstra as an e-commerce admin

When CBI implemented a new Wordpress e-commerce website, there was no native and easy way to realize CRUD operations to it's back-end, such as dealing with check-out coupons.

But with Abstra at the touch of their fingertips, they had an intuitive solution to this problem: creating a couple of Smart Forms as an admin. They were able to integrate with Wordpress and build a UI that received a spreadsheet with a list of coupons, registered them into the e-commerce's back-end and returned the coupons’ IDs for easy management.

Rafael Lanes
Treasury assistant

"It makes understanding and working with Python easier - beyond app development, the platform helped my own professional development."

When you've got a well-rounded and shared building environment, equipped with UIs, easy logic and integrations, solutions for processes that seemed unsolvable just pop up - no matter their size.

Make building easy with Abstra right away.

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