Fast track your customer support with smart tools

From client dashboards to easy onboarding, help customers faster with tailor-made automations.

Automate manual tasks and make work flow across systems

Stay informed on key metrics with dashboards

Create custom dashboards and admin apps to keep up with your clients. Unify data sources to easily view edit vital information. Easily update your interface to match new needs.

Smart onboarding that has the perfect fit

Mass import documents, get information from APIs or add it in manually - anything goes with custom internal workflows. Integrate to your favorite services or manage it all inside Abstra.

Automatic document exports and email dispatch

Eradicate business risks of doing everything manually. Guarantee your data quality and save time by automating document creation and emailing in batches.

Client portals

Skip back and forth emailing with clients by easily creating customer-facing portals. Allow them to access their info, export reports, review payments and much more.

Connect to any data source, service or system

How it works

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Get started

$ pip install abstra

$ abstra editor my-project