Custom tools for credit and finance teams

From risk analysis to KYC workflows, easily build custom processes that speed up and safeguard operations.

Automate manual tasks and make work flow across systems

Verify identity with KYC workflows

Build a Know Your Customer (KYC) workflow with all the custom steps your team needs - all easily integrated to your data and external APIs.

Build anti-fraud UIs, AML screenings and more

Automate manual screenings to improve information quality. Verify and approve requests through an integrated panel that scales with your processes.

Review and approve credit requests

Unify data sources in a single interface to analyze credit requests. As your operation scales, quickly update your workflow to match new processes.

Prevent security risks

Eradicate manual input errors that threaten vital processes. Automate recurring tasks that deal with sensitive data, such as password and key generation.

Connect to any data source, service or system

How it works

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$ pip install abstra

$ abstra editor my-project