Double sales KPIs with automation

Speed up your deals by skipping manual busywork. Automate invoices, contracts, partner onboarding flows, and more in minutes.

Automate manual tasks and make work flow across systems

Auditable calculators with custom logic

Got your complex shipping fee calculations wrapped up in a messy spreadsheet? Turn that into a calculator with auditable logs and logic build easily with straightforward Python.

Smart onboarding

Import documents, get data from APIs or add it in manually - anything goes with custom onboarding workflows. Integrate to your favorite services or manage it all inside Abstra.

Automatic document exports and email dispatch

Eradicate business risks of doing everything manually. Guarantee your data quality and save time by automating invoice and deal creation and emailing in batches.

Easy-to-build partner portals

Skip back and forth emailing with partners and clients by creating simple customer-facing portals. Allow them to access their info, export reports, review payments and much more.

Connect to any data source, service or system

Martin Diz

CEO & Founder at TANGOBuilder

"It took me half an hour to deploy an admin panel my team can use to generate proposals.

Not only can they manage on their own, but the entire process is now automatic and mistake-proof."

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Get started

$ pip install abstra

$ abstra editor my-project