Automate business with our Python workflow editor

Use our workflow editor to scale process automation with code – without the engineering overhead. Use UI and AI features to build faster, no lock-in in sight.

All the benefits of coding locally

Compatible with all IDEs

Keep using the environment you're used to, with any of the configurations and packages that speed up your work.

Retain full agency

Data created will never be lost. Work offline, collaborate from multiple devices and never fear of service shut downs.

Secure by default

Better privacy built in at the core. Store your own data and opt to avoid centralized cloud databases.


Keep and manage your own version history for complete control.

Lightning fast previews

Preview and execute workflows and tasks instantly from the editor.


A clear-cut new addition to you stack. No lock-in in sight.

Select widgets from our library, connect them to Python code

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Get started

$ pip install abstra

$ abstra serve my-project