December 2022 updates



Other improvements

  • Full screen preview: check out how your users will see your form without publishing it
  • File editor: edit text files directly from the Console
  • Download and delete folders on Files
  • end_program parameter: if set to True, the Form is ended after the widget is shown
  • disabled parameter on input widgets
  • read_password inputs are not recorded in logs anymore for improved security
  • read_cards layout update with new options to add text on different positions
  • max_file_size on read_file
  • Polling option on reactive: this enables time-based reactivity on Pages using reactive
  • Added visual indication (*) on required fields
  • Added utility to convert doc files to pdf
  • Improved CLI documentation

Bug fixes

  • Run History showing only last 10 runs
  • Run History would sometimes take too much time to load
  • Out of credits runs not showing date on Runs History
  • Ending Screen and Start Button text customization not working
  • Automatic font coloring would choose unreadable colors on some backgrounds
  • Folder upload sometimes would not preserve folder structure on Files
  • Files would hide some items if the list was too long
  • required param read_code was not considering initial_value
  • display_index on display_pandas not working
  • Setting multiple param on read_multiple_choice would also set it as required
  • min and max parameters from read_currency would apply a value change after page was submitted
  • Unexpected reactive behavior on some cases
  • Using a redirect with execute_js would trigger a confirmation modal
  • Printing new lines with `\n` was not working on the console output window